I wonder how many people will notice that this blog is about six months late. Oh well.

Greece was great. We actually ended up doing quite a bit of travelling. Here are a few impressions from the trip:

First stop was Naxos, where we stayed the longest while Daniel's mother and grandmother were there.
Naxos is a very nice island, which is very much stamped by tourism. We had a good time there, lying at the beach, driving around the rather large island for a day and generally doing all kinds of vacation stuff.

After Naxos we went to Mykonos. Forget what I said about Naxos being stamped by tourism. That's nothing compared to Mykonos. Don't get me wrong though: There is a reason everyone and his parrot want to go to Mykonos: Its a small and very greek island and it is close to Delos, where we went next.

Delos is a mess! Wasn't always like that though: In the good old times it used to be an Apollon sanctuary with a very striving city around it. It's still in very good shape for having been destroyed and then lying there for many centuries, which is why so many people go there, I guess. Impressive place.

The next day we departed for Syros. This place was quite different from the other islands we visited. It is much less focused on tourism and not as expensive as Mykonos. Unfortunatelly we could only stay there for less than two full days, but I enjoyed being there a lot.
The time we spent there was not the most exciting (we went to a very quiet beach), but it was a great place for getting a feeling of having been on vacation. A good last stop for our trip.

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